Applying Deep Learning technology to bring Healthcare to the
"Forgotten Billion"


Mine and cultivate existing medical archives using computational techniques seeking patterns that can help doctors with disease diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.

Team with technology firms Health care organizations to access medical data in order to provide timely, doctor assisted solutions utilizing technologies such as portable devices, cloud computing, and deep learning

To create and predict Early Warning Systems for preventing fatal diseases and ailments


We are working in the Deep Learning space to solve healthcare problems. We seek to make products, which would complement the knowledge and assist the clinician in making faster and accurate diagnosis.

We are leveraging the cutting edge technologies like Deep Learning and artificial intelligence to increase the capacity of healthcare providers enabling them to offer higher quality care without over burdening the system.

Solutions using Deep Learning Algorithms have a higher rate of accuracy and early detection can save lives.

Artelus R&D team constantly strives to innovate new ways of developing accurate primary screening solution. Our team is working on developing primary screening tools to detect TB, Breast cancer and Lung cancer. We are also working in diagnostic solutions that would assist the doctors in accurate diagnosis for faster treatment by providing a comprehensive reporting of anomalies detected during primary screening process.

Our products offer primary screening solutions for problems that are inevitably going to strike, and preempt them from getting worse. Identifying people with diseases at early stage can help them avoid disease complications and expensive treatments. In many cases, screening can help people avoid onset of disease altogether. We are taking health care experience beyond the boundaries of hospitals and specialized clinics.

This will have the natural outcome of reducing cost, improving health and making the world a happy and healthy place to live in.




How It Works

Our products offer primary screening solutions for problems that are inevitably going to strike, and preempt them from getting worse.


Patient's Info

Patient’s basic information (name, sex ,age) for the future reference before the Diabetic retinopathy report generation.


Image Capture

Capture of the ophthalmic image of a retina for the Diabetic retinopathy report generation..


Image sent for Analysis

Analysing the ophthalmic image of a retina, the in-house designed Artificial Intelligence Model identifies the Diabetic retinopathy of the retina.


Report Generation

After analysis, the Artificial Intelligence Model creates a report which manages to clarify the existence of Diabetic retinopathy on the retina.


Mr. Rajat Goel

Ms. Jayne Shaw

Ms. Sushma Rajagopalan

Dr. Mark Holterman

Our Team

Raja Rajeshwari

Co-Founder and Director

Lalit Pant


Vish Durga


Mrinal Haloi


Senthil Velan

Android Developer

Sandeep Gajjam

Software Engineer

Shashi Kant

Software Developer

Sanjay Bhatnagar


Gautam Kumar

Software Developer

Namit Kumar

Business Analyst


  1. Towards Ophthalmologist Level Accurate Deep Learning System for OCT Screening and Diagnosis

    Authors: Mrinal Haloi

    Abstract: In this work, we propose an advanced AI based grading system for OCT images. The proposed system is a very deep fully convolutional attentive classification network trained with end to end advanced transfer learning with online random augmentation. It uses quasi random augmentation that outputs confidence values for diseases prevalence during inference. Its a fully automated retinal OCT analysis A… ▽ More

  2. Towards Radiologist-Level Accurate Deep Learning System for Pulmonary Screening

    Authors: Mrinal Haloi, K. Raja Rajalakshmi

    Abstract: In this work, we propose advanced pneumonia and Tuberculosis grading system for X-ray images. The proposed system is a very deep fully convolutional classification network with online augmentation that outputs confidence values for diseases prevalence. Its a fully automated system capable of disease feature understanding without any offline preprocessing step or manual feature extraction. We have… ▽ More

  3. Rethinking Convolutional Semantic Segmentation Learning

    Authors: Mrinal Haloi

    Abstract: Deep convolutional semantic segmentation (DCSS) learning doesn't converge to an optimal local minimum with random parameters initializations; a pre-trained model on the same domain becomes necessary to achieve convergence.In this work, we propose a joint cooperative end-to-end learning method for DCSS. It addresses many drawbacks with existing deep semantic segmentation learning; the proposed appr… ▽ More

  4. Deep Learning: Generalization Requires Deep Compositional Feature Space Design

    Authors: Mrinal Haloi

    Abstract: Generalization error defines the discriminability and the representation power of a deep model. In this work, we claim that feature space design using deep compositional function plays a significant role in generalization along with explicit and implicit regularizations. Our claims are being established with several image classification experiments. We show that the information loss due to convolu… ▽ More

  5. Diabetic Retinopathy Screening using Deep Learning Technology

    Authors: RajaRajalakshmi, Mrinal Haloi, Mohammad Fazal Kamal

  6. The Deep Learning Computer model in reading Diabetic Retinopathy & Normal Images

    Authors: RajaRajalakshmi, Mohammad Fazal Kamal

  7. Towards Human Level Accurate Deep Learning System for Diabetic Reinopathy Screening

    Authors: Mrinal Haloi, Lalit Pant, Anurag Sahay


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